Wednesday, 30 April 2014


I mentioned the last time I had this dress top that I would wish to wear it as a dress. Well, the opportunity came up this past weekend. I had a meeting with my girls. It was quite a windy day hence the denim jacket. Am a happy girl now.

Shoes Ksh. 300.00 (thrift)
Stockings Ksh. 50.00 (thrift)
Dress top (gift from Mom)
Belt Ksh. 200.00 (thrift)
Denim jacket Ksh. 50.00 (thrift)
Total Ksh. 600.00

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Monday, 28 April 2014


Hallo folks, I believe you had a restful weekend. I traveled to Nairobi for business and therefore this is a scheduled post. This outfit I wore it last Friday. I have had this top am wearing today for so many years I have lost count. Well, today's attire was quite boring and I tried to wow it by adding the red blazer, shoes and the blue/jungle green necklace. I think I did it enough justice. There was too much light though, the t-shirt is written GIRL hence the title. Keen eye?

Shoes Ksh. 300.00 (thrift)
Skirt (old)
Blouse (verrry old)
Blazer Ksh. 900.00
Total Ksh. 1200.00

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Friday, 25 April 2014


Well, today I went for neutral colors with just a mild pink for color. It was quite a chilly morning and therefore stockings was appropriate to keep warm.  And oh! I had a hair cut. I think I will now be shaving twice a month, I am loving more the shorter look.

Shoes Ksh. 300.00 (thrift)
Stocking Ksh. 50.00 (thrift)
Skirt Ksh.  800.00
Top Ksh. 30.00 (thrift)
Belt Ksh. 50.00
Total Ksh 1230.00

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Thursday, 24 April 2014


I have worn this skirt severally and every time I pair it with a different top the more I am loving it. I've realized it goes well with cool neutral colors.

This khaki blouse is a gift from Dad from his KCB Biashara Club membership. Am loving how fitting it is and therefore even the branding of KCB does not bother me.

Shoes Ksh. 300.00 (thrift)
Skirt (old)
Belt Ksh. 50.00 (thrift)
Blouse (Gift from Dad)
Total Ksh. 350.00

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Wednesday, 23 April 2014


I love the versatility of the skirt I am wearing today. Being patterned, any top combination is acceptable. I have always worn it with single color tops but I definitely intend to wear it with a patterned top too sometime.

I added a pop of color with the knitted necklace. I sometimes engage in DIYs to relax and just free my mind.

Shoes Ksh. 1200.00 (thrift)
Skirt Ksh. 150.00 (thrift)
Top (old)
Necklace (DIY)
Total Ksh. 1350.00

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Hallo folks. I believe you enjoyed your Easter holiday break. Sorry for the long absence. My hands have been full with work lately. Maybe I should plan to be blogging later in the evening. .

Todays outfit was a last minute modification. Especially the addition of the khaki skirt. I have always wanted to wear this dress top as a dress. I leave that for the weekend or maybe an evening outing.

Dresstop (gift from Mom)
Khaki skirt (old)
Stockings Ksh. 50.00 (thrift)
Shoes Ksh. 300.00 (thrift)
Total Ksh. 350.00

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Thursday, 17 April 2014


Hallo folks. I attended the training yesterday. It was reduced to a single day, the content covered was very educative and I am now a better and more enlightened entrepreneur.

I have worn the skirt am wearing today as a sun dress before here. Since I folded it inside to achieve the desired length, I thought what if I made it a sun dress. I am happy with the result. Next recycle is wearing it as a maxi skirt. I like such versatile outfits that can be worn several ways.

Skirt - worn as dress (gift from Mom)
Belt Ksh. 50.00 (thrift)
Denim jacket Ksh. 50.00 (thrift)
Shoes Ksh. 300.00 (thrift)
Total Ksh. 400.00

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014


I have worn this attire before here. I have always found it difficult being creative with this dress. The most is always just this sweater top or wearing it and throwing in a bright necklace.

It is always a no frills dress. I am attending a marketing seminar tomorrow  Wednesday and Thursday. I will be missing again only that this time having informed you. Enjoy the upcoming Easter weekend and don't forget why we celebrate it JESUS CHRIST!

See you next week.

Dress (gift from Mom)
Shoes Ksh. 300.00 (thrift)
Sweater top (old)
Scarf Ksh. 20.00 (thrift)
Total Ksh. 320.00

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Monday, 14 April 2014


I hope you had a restful weekend. Sorry folks I went Away Without Leave. I have been home alone this past week and therefore lack of postings. I did not have anyone to take my photos.

Well, here is a comeback from me. Not the best quality photos visually but, it feels nice to be back.

Shoes (gift from Mom)
Skinny jeans Ksh. 40.00 (thrift)
Belt Ksh. 200.00 (thrift)
Blouse (gift from Mom)
Total KSh. 240.00

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Tuesday, 8 April 2014


I have been looking for an opportunity to wear this denim half jacket. The weather was a bit favourable today and I kept things simple.

Shoes Ksh. 300.00 (thrift)
Cropped pants Ksh. 100.00 (thrift)
Tshirt (loyalty gift from old mutual)
Denim Ksh. 40.00 (thrift)
Total Ksh. 440.00

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Monday, 7 April 2014


Well, well, well, it is a brownies day. Just sheer coincidence that all the apparel I had in mind was a brown shade. Since I could not change my mind in the morning, I added the grey half sweater and a spark of yellow with the shawl (made scarf) and belt.

Shoes Ksh. 300.00 (thrift)
Trouser (old)
Top KSh. 30.00 (thrift)
Half sweater Ksh. 30.00 (thrift)
Shawl KSh. 80.00
Belt Ksh. 50.00 (thrift)
Total KSh. 490.00

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Friday, 4 April 2014


I had a business meeting yesterday. I had to pull this suit off the hanger. I must say I felt extraordinarily confident and yes I got away with a business deal and another business appointment next week. Well, there will definitely be another suit post.

I had initially put on a sleeveless red blouse with the suit but changed after breakfast, Mom and Dad felt that I should wear the suit with a blouse with a collar. I therefore picked this very light shade of blue chiffon blouse.

That blouse was definitely untucked later in the day.

Black suit Ksh. 1800.00
Blouse (old)
Shoes Ksh. 300.00
Total Ksh. 2100.00

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