Friday, 4 April 2014


I had a business meeting yesterday. I had to pull this suit off the hanger. I must say I felt extraordinarily confident and yes I got away with a business deal and another business appointment next week. Well, there will definitely be another suit post.

I had initially put on a sleeveless red blouse with the suit but changed after breakfast, Mom and Dad felt that I should wear the suit with a blouse with a collar. I therefore picked this very light shade of blue chiffon blouse.

That blouse was definitely untucked later in the day.

Black suit Ksh. 1800.00
Blouse (old)
Shoes Ksh. 300.00
Total Ksh. 2100.00

Thanks for always stopping by. Let's engage more in the comments.


  1. You look wonderful in your suit. Congrats for the meeting.

    1. Thanks Kelly, all was well and thanks for always stopping by.