Thursday, 17 April 2014


Hallo folks. I attended the training yesterday. It was reduced to a single day, the content covered was very educative and I am now a better and more enlightened entrepreneur.

I have worn the skirt am wearing today as a sun dress before here. Since I folded it inside to achieve the desired length, I thought what if I made it a sun dress. I am happy with the result. Next recycle is wearing it as a maxi skirt. I like such versatile outfits that can be worn several ways.

Skirt - worn as dress (gift from Mom)
Belt Ksh. 50.00 (thrift)
Denim jacket Ksh. 50.00 (thrift)
Shoes Ksh. 300.00 (thrift)
Total Ksh. 400.00

Thanks for always stopping by. Let's engage more in the comments.

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