Monday, 28 April 2014


Hallo folks, I believe you had a restful weekend. I traveled to Nairobi for business and therefore this is a scheduled post. This outfit I wore it last Friday. I have had this top am wearing today for so many years I have lost count. Well, today's attire was quite boring and I tried to wow it by adding the red blazer, shoes and the blue/jungle green necklace. I think I did it enough justice. There was too much light though, the t-shirt is written GIRL hence the title. Keen eye?

Shoes Ksh. 300.00 (thrift)
Skirt (old)
Blouse (verrry old)
Blazer Ksh. 900.00
Total Ksh. 1200.00

Thanks for always stopping by. Let's engage more through the comments.

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