Wednesday, 5 March 2014


I have had this patterned skirt of black and nude for a while now. Thinking of making it a mini now to recycle it and give it an edge. What do you think? The temperatures are still high and therefore a lace top is light enough. Loving the gold details on the blouse. This is a scarf week, another one to add color to my handbag. Ladies just a quick question. Do you find yourself using the same bag for a whole week especially a universal color like black? I do, like this bag, if you are keen I have had it in all my pictures whole of this week. Changing bags mid week is not my thing.

Skirt Ksh. 900.00
Blouse Ksh. 10.00 (thrift)
Spaghetti top (gift from Mom)
Handbag (gift from Mom)
Scarf Ksh. 30.00(thrift)
Shoes (gift from Mom)
Total Ksh. 940.00

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