Monday, 17 March 2014


I have always been sensitive wearing fitting denim. Like what am putting on today. I am quite slim and I have been feeling that I appear almost thin when I have tight fitting denim. However, that is slowly changing. This is the second pair I have and I have to say all that I thought was just in my mind. I quite like how I look in the blush denim jeans.

The color of the denim is a perfect match to the blush flowers on my blouse, pure coincidence. I have had these boots for sometime now and every time I wear them I am convinced that they are the perfect fit for me. And the brown handbag? A pure leather bag I bought way back when I was in college and it was crazy cheap and so is the jacket.

Shoes Ksh. 1800.00 (thrift)
Blush denim Ksh. 250.00 (thrift)
Blouse Ksh. 50.00 (thrift)
Jacket Ksh. 40.00 (thrift)
Cap old.
Handbag Ksh. 20.00 (thrift)
Total Ksh. 2160.00

Thanks for always dropping by to read.

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