Friday, 14 March 2014


The rains are coming down heavily and I am not complaining. Just missing the sunshine, a bit. Yesterday I traveled to Kisumu. I have been looking for a red belt and after being done with what took me there which was training on tax, I decided to walk around town and visit thrift stalls. I could not leave this belt, just the right size I wanted. It was a little expensive though compared to the other purchases I have made before. Still on the look out for the heels and statement necklaces. Like this outfit would have been better with a chunky necklace. Enjoy your weekend lovelies!

Shoes Ksh. 300.00 (thrift)
Trouser Ksh. 200.00 (thrift)
Turtle neck top (gift from Mom)
Yellow sweater Ksh. 30.00 (thrift)
Belt Ksh. 200.00 (thrift)
Total Ksh. 730.00

Thanks for always stopping by.

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