Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Earring gift from a former colleague

I hope you are well. My photographer (read Dad) is so committed to taking these blog photos daily I never really have a reason not to dress up. He noticed these blooming flowers and insisted that this had to be the location for photo shoot. I did not make it to work on Monday, I was unwell and he kept wishing that those flowers will hold up for Tuesday, today. Well an answered prayer for him.

The top am having was a scoop at the thrift market, Ksh. 20.00. How fair can a bargain be? I like the faux collar detail.

Had issues arranging the photos today and my internet connectivity is not helping either today. 

Shoes Ksh. 300.00 (thrift)
Skirt (old)
Top Ksh. 20.00 (thrift)
Total Ksh. 320.00

Thanks for always reading, I appreciate. 

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