Monday, 3 August 2015


Happy Monday and August! I hope you had a great weekend. I spent mine in a church function fundraiser for the less fortunate children. I am glad to have made my contribution towards offering them better education. 
Some time last month I saw Angie of reasons to dress in a crop top. It is a trend I have always wanted to try. And it just happened that Mom was cleaning her closet and this polka dot top was one of the items being cleaned out. Well, there was my luck and I must say even in your 30s and no abs it is very okay to rock a crop top, feel free!

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Shoes - thrifted
Skirt - thrifted
Top - Mums closet
Scarf  as head wrap - street purchase 
Earrings - Masai market

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  1. You look cute! I do not wear crop tops, but I think pairing them with high waisted skirts is a great idea!

    1. Thanks Darcy for the compliment. I think the high waisted skirt is the trick to being comfortable.

  2. Love the pairing with the print and bright pink skirt. I just bought a polka dot dress myself and have been wearing it nonstop.

  3. THANK YOU So much for the compliment!! And sorry it has taken me this long to see it! I LOVE how you styled this crop top because it is summery but also not overly revealing. I think the most important thing with trying any trend is to find your comfort zone, because being comfortable is the most stylish state we can be in, and you WORKED THIS!!!

    I also love how you tie your headscarves and would love a lesson one day!!

    Angie from reasons to dress, thanks for joining the linkup!

  4. Thanks Angie for the compliment. Your outfits and posts inspire me so much. Definitely will gladly give a lesson on the head wraps when the time comes.