Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Happy July! Woke up to a bright morning. The knitted top is light and therefore suitable for both warm and cold weather. The belt does not have hooks and therefore to make it not slip back and forth I decided to use the blue flower that is multipurpose, can be worn as a brooch, hair clip and now used to hold together the belt.

Trouser David House(thrifted)
Knitted top Red herring (thrifted)
Shoes Bileil (gift from Mom)
Belt Sisley(gift from Mom)
Blue flower Tom Mboya Street stalls - Nairobi

Thank you for always reading, I appreciate.


  1. You have a very pretty and elegant style! I wish your pictures were bigger so we could see more detail! Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my blog - I really appreciate it!

    1. Thanks Sheila, I have been uploading pictures as medium. I will make them large uploads. Thanks for commenting and visiting my blog too.